12 January 2017

CHHER CHHERA in Puspuni at Nabarangpur.

Nabarangpur: BASANT RATH.
Pousha Purnima or Puspuni is an annual festival observed in the month Pausa. In order to celebrate the  harvesting of Paddy and other crops while some people take great care of their cattle in the tribal dominated dist "CHHER CHHERA" is Universally popular in each villages during the feast. 
The term chher-chhera has probably evolved by corruption of the word ‘char-char’ meaning a drum. Drum is an integrated part of the Pausha festival, as drum beating and dancing to the tune of beat is a must. After harvest men and women enjoy the day by community dancing to the rhythm of drummers.

There is a tradition of engagement of yearly servant usually known as HALIA. During this "CHHER CHHERA" time the annual contract of land labourers or Halias comes to an end and payments by landowners and agreements on fresh contracts are finalised for the ensuing year.

The main attraction of Chherchhera is the rhythm of boys, girls and also adults, the sensible music of Chherchhera with a dynamic musical call “CHHER….CHHER CHHERA” from door to door and mostly every households gives paddy as gifts, renovates a thought of unity among the villagers.This system is now going to be devastated, because of emerging modernization