31 August 2009

Nabarangpur at a Glance:Situated among lush green forests in the South-West of Orissa, Nabarangpur District is a very picturesque place. With her golden autumn and misty mornings of the monsoon months, her painted spring, and slumbering summer and her winter ranging from fierce to mild provides verities of living in different seasons, which is very rare elsewhere. Nabarangpur is unique in many respects, notable among them are rolling mountains, undulating meadows rearing rapids, enchanting water falls and terraced valley leading up to verdant hills, and feasts the eye. The landscape is beautified doted with numerous small and high hills densely covered with plants. The highest peak Podagada is 3050 ft high. More than fifteen tribes, and nearly sixty five percent of the population being tribal, Nabarangpur has a vibrant life style of its own. Located between 82 to 83 East Longitude and 19 to 20 North Latitude was carved out of the erstwhile Koraput district on 02.10.1992. It is bounded by the state of Chhatisgad to the west, and north districts of Kalahandi and Rayagada to the east and Koraput to the south. The district has a total geographical area of 5294 Sq kms, being 3.4 % area of the state. Nabarangpur being a district under Southern Revenue Division consisting of one Subdivision, four Tahasils and ten blocks covering 169 Gram Panchayats, and 897 villages out of which 880 villages are inhabited and the remaining 17 villages are uninhabited. There are one Municipality, one NAC, and four Assembly Constituency. Nabarangpur district is feast for the eyes and cradled in nature’s bounty. The awe-inspiring sights make Nabarangpur a traveler’s delight, Here Nature speaks a Varity of languages, which the lover of nature translates into joy. The breath taking scenery brings heaven to earth. The virgin nature untouched and unexplored, Tribals and their rich culture and heritage provide tourists a lot to enjoy. The broad panorama of enchanting hills, the rippling streams spectacular water-falls, the wonderful caves, lush green valleys, the salubrious climate with fresh air on one hand, and simplicity, traditional hospitality of the tribes, their colorful and natural world that beckons one to come again and again to get peace, tranquility and joy for ever, and make people feel places to visit again and again.