31 August 2012

Health camps focus on preventing diarrhoea…

In the last three weeks around 18 deaths, including four from diarrhoea in Chandahandi, Umerkote, and Kosagumuda blocks. In a crucial press meet at Ashok Meheta conference hall on Tuesday Collector Ms.Yamini Sarangi, refuting the reports published in the media and said that on diarrhoea only three persons died in the district. Though some persons are died in food poisoning, and other diseases at their homes but the media erroneously reporting as diarrhoea she added.
To check diarrhoea in the district 41 management centers designed, and we have pressed a rapid task force in the blocks to quickly take steps at places where cases have been reported. Besides health camps are organizing at the rural pockets to menimise the incidence and impact of diarrhoea, also key messages are reinforced through local plays, hording, and miking she said

In the meanwhile Ms.Sarangi, Visited Chandahandi, today discussed with the officials, and villagers asked doctors and para-medical staff in the diarrhoea-hit areas to remain on vigilant eye for the prevention of diarrhoea.

The situation is not alarming anywhere, 15 doctor’s team assigned in the district to check the diarrhoea, we already sent the samples of water for testing there is no cause of worry she added